Orange theory memberships Prices 

Firstly we discussed the types of membership available at orange theory fitness 

  • Premier
  • Elite
  • Basic
  • Class Packs

Now we discuss each one of them with cost and benefits

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Orange theory cost

Premier membership Orange theory


  • Access to Unlimited Classes
    • Ideal for those attending 3 times or more per week
  • Enjoy a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • You can invite family members to join classes at a discounted guest rate.
  • Enjoy enhanced supplement discounts
  • Complimentary daily Shakeology drinks.


Price can vary from $160-300 depending upon the location of center. The average price is $159. Check your location pricing

Elite membership Orange theory


  • 8 Classes per Month
    • Suitable for an average of 2 times per week
  • Benefit from Discounted Add-On Classes
  • Complimentary daily Shakeology drink
  • Discounted supplements
  • 10% off on private training sessions.


Price can vary from $90-130 depending upon the location of center. The average price is $109. Check your location pricing

Basic membership Orange theory


  • 4 Classes per Month
    • Ideal for an average of 1 time per week
  • Enjoy Discounted Add-On Classes


Price can vary from $50-70 depending upon the location of center. The average price is $109. Check your location pricing


Pricing and session offerings may differ across studios and might entail extra payments (e.g., visit surcharge) at premium locations that aren’t your designated home studio.

Class Pack

If a monthly membership isn’t your choice, then

  • 10 Classes  $200 approx
  • 20 Classes  $340 approx
  • 30 Classes $480 approx

Use This package whenever you want

orange theory

Orange theory membership cancellation policy

Orange theory have following option which customer must not ignore,

Orangetheory Fitness membership and embark on a vibrant journey towards longevity:

  • Frequent Traveler or Busy Schedule? Enjoy access to 1,300+ US locations.
  • Need a Breather? Freeze your membership temporarily, ensuring your rate stays intact.
  • Seeking Flexibility? Explore varied membership options or downgrade for optimal usage.
  • Embrace Freedom: Choose class packages sans monthly ties for flexible usage.

Canceling your Orangetheory Fitness membership is hassle-free, with no cancellation fee involved. Reach out to your original home studio, where you joined, to request a cancellation form. Once completed and returned to your home studio, your cancellation request will be processed. If you require more information about the cancellation process, feel free to inquire.

But still you wanna cancel your membership then,   Visit website

Orange theory 30-Day Quit-Free Guarantee

Experience the confidence of Orangetheory Fitness with our “30-Day Quit-Free Guarantee.” If you attend a minimum of 12 classes within 30 days of joining and remain unsatisfied, participating studios offer a refund on your monthly dues.

Please note, this guarantee is exclusive to those enrolled in the Orangetheory Fitness Premier Membership.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions )

Is Orangetheory Really Worth It?

Absolutely, Orangetheory is worth it for many. Its dynamic workouts, personal coaching, and vibrant community often lead to visible results and an engaging fitness journey.

Is Orangetheory Too Expensive?

Orangetheory’s cost varies based on location and membership tier. While it might be pricier than some options, its comprehensive offerings and impactful results make it a valuable investment for many.

Can Beginners Join Orangetheory?

Yes, beginners are welcome at Orangetheory. The workouts are adaptable to various fitness levels, and coaches provide guidance to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

Can You Share an Orangetheory Membership?

Orangetheory memberships are typically for individual use. However, some locations offer couples’ memberships, allowing partners to join together. It’s best to check with your local studio for specific options.

How to cancel orange theory membership?

There is no cancellation fee for Orange theory Fitness. To cancel your membership, you need to contact your home studio location  and request a cancellation form. Complete the form and send it back to your home studio to complete your cancellation request or  Visit website


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