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Iron Religion Gym Iron Religion Gym
Rating : 5 star ( google maps )

iron religion gym

Iron religion Gym Facilities

  • Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation
  • Catering to All Fitness Levels
  • Unique Equipment Selection
  • Motivating Atmosphere and Music
  • No Weight Limitations or Noise Complaints

iron religion gym

Expert Personal Trainers

  • Certified Trainers, Including NPC Competitors and IFBB PROs
  • Achieve Your Best Shape
  • Specialized Training for Competitions

Iron Religion Gym Membership Prices

Month to month


  • Initial Payment: First + Last Month
  • Monthly Payments: Automatic via Credit/Debit Card
  • Cancellation: 30-day Notice via Email
  • Cancellation Fee: $10

1 Month


  • Payment Options: Card or Cash (No Apple Pay)
  • Access: 24/7

6 Months


  • Payment Options: Card or Cash (No Apple Pay)
  • Access: 24/7

1 Year


  • Payment Options: Card or Cash (No Apple Pay)
  • Access: 24/7

1 Week


  • Payment Options: Card or Cash (No Apple Pay)
  • Access: 24/7
  • Ideal for visitors and Tourists

1 Day


  • Payment Options: Card or Cash (No Apple Pay)
  • Access: 24/7
  • Ideal for Guests

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Iron Religion Gym Reviews


Based on 502 reviews
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Antonio DelacernaAntonio Delacerna
21:02 25 Aug 23
Katerine GiraldoKaterine Giraldo
19:07 25 Aug 23
I recommend 100% the gym has all the equipment that is needed to carry out the training, it also has excellent trainers, specifically Will is the best. I have been with him for a while and the training is super professional, the changes in my body are noticeable from the first weeks I really recommend it 100% and the gym
Paola AgudeloPaola Agudelo
03:34 25 Aug 23
Super awesome gym! Plenty of equipment and super nice vibe. I always feel extremely motivated walking in there to get ma workout on. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Will the trainer there!!! He is so PROFESSIONAL and such GOOD PEOPLE and not to mention LITERALLY THE BEST TRAINER. The results that I have gotten from him in the little amount of time is crazy. I genuinely enjoy coming into my daily training sessions here ! Needless to say, no more double chin!! ALL HAIL WILL!
yossi eddieyossi eddie
00:33 25 Aug 23
Best gym and best personal trainer will from team will power, already training at top level for the last 7 years, highly recommended
Luis LuisjoseLuis Luisjose
21:17 24 Aug 23
Excellent gym , my trainer will it’s the best
Gabby RodriguezGabby Rodriguez
04:00 02 Aug 23
AMAZING gym! I came here as just a visitor to get my workout in and I instantly fell in love. The amount of machines they have to work specific muscle groups is just incredible. They really put a lot into the gym in the fact that they have a little bit of equipment for all training types. I love the open floor concept but that they have rooms that have sort of different concepts. From a cable room, to s cardio area, to free weights room. I really loved how the signing up was simple and I didn’t feel pressured to sign into a contract like most other gym. I’m happy to call this gym my new home!
04:51 11 Jul 23
Extremely messy and unorganized gym. Trainers and members do not re-rack their weights or equipment. This was during normal hours of operation, not during the graveyard shift. So make sure you have enough time to workout because you will spend a decent amount of time looking for correct weights and equipment. Oh and the bathrooms... The bathrooms are filthy. I’ve never had a moment where the bathrooms are clean and without “Out of Order” signs. The vibe here isn’t so much serious bodybuilding.. it gives “hangout” energy. All members gather talking obnoxiously loud around the machines claiming to “use them”. It’s very unpleasant for us members who are seriously working out to have to listen to them be so loud and take equipment! People will sing along to their music playing by from their headphones—again so rude! Members will talk loudly on the phone for all of us to hear. This place does not seem to have rules. The members can do and get away with whatever they want. There needs to be a manager on site! This gym has so much potential but it’s lacking due to improper management and good business ethics from the owners. Do better guys!

Other Activities

JIU-JITSU, MUAY THAI  and JUDO classes includes

  • Self-Defense
  • Mental Workout
  • Muay Thai is a full-body workout

Iron Religion  Gym Rules

  1. Respect, Support, and Encourage Each Other
  2. Respect the Equipment
  3. Drop Weights, Don’t Slam
  4. Re-Rack Your Weights
  5. Proper Equipment Use
  6. No Gum or Sandals
  7. Enjoy Your Workout”


5247 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States




Iron Religion Gym Hours

They are Open 24/7 

Website Iron Religion Gym

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