CrossTown Fitness Club-West Loop

CrossTown Fitness Club-West Loop CrossTown Fitness Club-West Loop CrossTown Fitness Club-West Loop
Rating : 5 star ( google maps )

Crosstown Fitness Club introduction:

Embrace the ever-changing allure of CTF classes. Unveil diverse workouts, fusing strength, endurance, and fresh challenges daily. Guided by expert trainers, expect intervals of cardio, mobility, and strength training. From newcomers to fitness enthusiasts, unite in this community for shared progress, where every level shines together.

Crosstown Services:

Group Classes:

Experience a 1200-calorie burn in every class. Plus, enjoy ongoing calorie expenditure for up to 36 hours.

CTF Games:

Annually, CrossTown hosts the Summer Games workout competition. It welcomes dedicated members and new participants alike. Designed for those who’ve committed to training, the competition transforms their hard work into on-field action. The Games offer a blend of enjoyment and competition, fostering a spirited training environment for CrossTown members, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to sustain their healthy lifestyle.

Personal Training:

CrossTown fitness club has more than 50 personal qualified trainers .Unlock your utmost health potential with a dedicated Personal Trainer by your side. At our core, we prioritize your well-being and invite you to engage in personalized 30-minute sessions. Through this one-on-one approach, we’re committed to challenging and enhancing your unique fitness requirements, recognizing that health stands as a paramount life pursuit.

CrossTown Fitness Club Reviews:


Kevin SmithKevin Smith
15:38 31 Jul 23
CTF west loop is awesome! Chris always says hello each morning and Jase always pushes me to have an incredible workout. Would definitely recommend!
Ross KarlinsRoss Karlins
19:59 30 Jul 23
Great gym, classes, and trainers. This just isnt my favorite location because it’s smaller.
Candice MeckCandice Meck
17:39 28 Jul 23
A HIIT Gem in ChicagoI have been on a quest to find the perfect high-intensity interval training (HIIT) gym, and I can confidently say that my search ended when I discovered Crosstown Fitness in Chicago. This fitness haven has exceeded all my expectations and has become my go-to place for an invigorating workout experience.From the moment I stepped into the facility, I was greeted by a friendly and encouraging atmosphere (shout outs to Alex, Chris, and Jonathan). The staff made me feel welcomed and motivated right away. What sets this gym apart is its focus on providing an all-encompassing workout routine that covers running, rowing, biking, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, boxes and bodyweight exercises. The variety of exercises keeps me engaged and excited to come back for more.The trainers at Crosstown Fitness are absolute rock stars, especially the amazing women trainers (shout outs to Amy, Lysh, Stacey, and Melissa). Not only are they highly skilled and knowledgeable, but their passion for fitness is contagious. They tailor workouts to suit different fitness levels, ensuring that everyone feels challenged and empowered. I've noticed significant progress in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness, all thanks to their guidance.The class format at Crosstown Fitness is well-structured, ensuring that every minute spent there is utilized to the fullest. The combination of cardio, strength training, and functional movements in each session keeps things fresh and exciting. You never know what to expect, which keeps boredom at bay and keeps you coming back for more.Another aspect that impressed me is the strong sense of community among members. Everyone supports and motivates each other, creating an encouraging and empowering environment.Additionally, the scheduling system is flexible and convenient, with various class timings to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. The gym has 3 locations - West Loop, Roscoe, and Lakeview.Crosstown Fitness in Chicago has become a sanctuary for me. Their workouts have challenged me and the amazing trainers have been instrumental in my fitness journey. If you're looking for a dynamic and empowering fitness community that offers a diverse range of workouts, look no further than Crosstown Fitness. I cannot recommend this gym enough!
Kathryn BurchamKathryn Burcham
15:58 24 Jul 23
The CTF team is the best team of fitness professionals I've met! They truly care about not only giving you a great workout, but also helping you meet your personal wellness goals. From the friendly smiles the moment you walk in, to the fun community events, this is less of a gym and more of a family!
Chris GilmoreChris Gilmore
03:01 17 Jul 23
Nicole HarrisNicole Harris
00:55 13 Jul 23
I LOVE Crosstown. The workouts are always challenging and the trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging. Beyond the workouts, the CTF community is also the best. My CTF classes are the best hours of my week!
Vashti BuesoVashti Bueso
01:38 01 Jul 23
The classes are based on HIIT, there are circuits and cardio and weights. I get a killer workout every-time I go. I am used to doing Crossfit but appreciate very much that I can still completely exhaust myself and I am getting more cardio in than my prior Crossfit classes.There is a strength class on Thursdays that incorporates some olympic lifting into the HIIT style workouts.The facility is very nice, parking is easy, the instruction is quality and I really appreciate the 5am class. They host fun fitness related events in the community. All in all I am very happy with this gym.

Membership Prices Of Crosstown club:

  • 8 months:   Unlimited group classes  $185
  • 4 months:   Unlimited group classes  $200
  • 1 month :     $215

Other Memberships:

  • Day Pass $30
  • 10 classes $250
  • 14 Days Unlimited $60


1031 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States




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